The treasury of the Student National Theater of Drama and Comedy (directed by Nataliia Alekseeva, Honored Worker of Culture) of the Faculty of Primary Education of the Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University has been replenished with a new victory. This time the creative team became the Laureate of the First Prize of the XXXIV International Multi-Genre Two-Round Festival-Competition of Arts "GOLDEN FEST", which was held with the support of the Center for Educational Innovation and Creativity "Harmony".

The jury presented the play "Ostannii Hrechkosii" by Orest Ogorodnyk, which has gained popularity among theatergoers since its premiere at the University and is constantly broadcast on local television. This play was the culmination of the director's directing work and the acting skills of the actors. Jury members noted the high professionalism of the performance. The review states that the actors have a confident intonation, melody of voice, clear diction, artistry, ability to act on stage.

The university community congratulates the theater actors and artistic director with the victory! We wish you creative inspiration, fruitful achievements, luck, personal well-being! Keep it up!

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