Build. 1 USPU - architecture monument (1912, Town council)


Year of foundation – 1930.

Accreditation level ІV, license АЕ № 636451 from 04.06.2015 р.

Rector - Olexandr I. Bezlyudnyyvna, Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogics), professor.

The history of Uman State Pedagogical University begins in August, 1930. It was named Institute of social education then and included 4 departments: Technics and Mathematics Dept., Social Studies and Economics Dept., Language and Literature Dept., Biology Dept. Education lasted 3 years. The first admission was 120 students.

In 1933 it was renamed into Pedagogical institute with the 4-year term of studying. Departments also changed though their number remained the same -4: History Dept., Mathematics Dept., Language and Literature Dept., Biology Dept.

In 1935 Institute changed its name and became Teachers Institute with only 2 departments remaining - Physics and Mathematics Dept. and Natural Sciences and Geography dept. Great Patriotic War ceased the work of the institute. In 1941 Uman was occupied by fascist invaders and a lot of students went to fight in the war. On March 10, 1944 Uman was liberated and in June the enactment on reestablishment of the institute was proclaimed. Institute resumed its work on June 15, 1944, with the same 2 departments remaining: Physics and Mathematics Dept. and Natural Sciences and Geography dept.

Physical infrastructure was getting stronger, personnel increased in number thus new departments were established: History Dept. resumed its work in 1946; Natural Sciences Dept. of Odessa Teachers Institute was added in 1947; the same department of Kyiv Institute was added a year after.

In 1952 Uman Teachers Institute was reorganized into Uman State Pedagogical Institute. 1960 became the year of Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education creation.

In 1967 Institute was named after Pavlo H. Tychyna.

In 1976 Institute started training of General Technics and Labour Education teachers.

1990's and the beginning of 2000's were marked by rapid development of the institute and crucial changes in all spheres of its life.

In 1998 Uman State Pedagogical Institute was reorganized into Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University.

Since the 2000s, the range of areas and specialties expanding with which specialists are trained for general education institutions. New departments are being created - Foreign Philology Department, Physical Education Department, Social Training and Psychological Education Department, History Department.