USPU students studying the Polish language used summer for the development and self-improvement.

Students of Ukrainian Philology Department of "Polish Language" specialization Mariya Kaganenko and Nataliya Gerasymenko visited the Summer School of Polish Language and Culture for foreigners, which was organized by Pultusk Academy of Humanities.

The school program was interesting and rich. Students studied Polish language, culture, watched Polish films. The Royal Castle, the Museum of Money, the Sejm and the Senate in Warsaw, the open-air ethnographic museum in Serpka, the medieval fortress in Chekhanov, Zigmund Krasinsky's castle in Opinogura had been visited during the excursions.

At the end of the training there was an award ceremony. Participation in the summer school left a striking impression and presented many new acquaintances with representatives of ten countries of the world: Belarus, Bulgaria, Armenia, China, Germany, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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