On June 25, with the assistance of the European Commission, an information event "Information Day of the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 Program in Ukraine" was held.

The organizers were the Austrian Center "Zentrum für Soziale Innovation" and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The event was held in the form of online conference.

As the working language of the event was English, for the convenience and accessibility of up-to-date information, the International Relations Department organized the participation of deputy deans / acting director of the faculties/institute in the conference hall, where the event was broadcasted and simultaneous translation, with the help of Oleksandr Kovalenko, was provided.

The following topics were considered at the event: • “Horizon Europe” Program (general structure of the program and features of obtaining funding). • “Horizon Europe” clusters and missions. Global challenges and industrial competitiveness. • Direction "Marie-Sklodowska Curie Actions" (MSCA) and ERC grants. • Widening programs.

Volodymyr Mykolaiko, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Strategic Development, noted that in particular, participation in “Horizon Europe” 2020 programs and projects is important for the development of the university’s research field and in general, the implementation of the Education Internationalization Strategy.

The opportunities offered by the new program of the European Union for researchers and the countries in which they work are very interesting for Ukraine as well. After all, working in consortia with Western universities and laboratories gives Ukrainian scientists not only a chance obtain funding for work in certain projects, but also, above all, the opportunity to join and solve current issues and establish partnerships with foreign colleagues and entire research teams.


The European Union's “Horizon Europe” Framework Program for Research and Innovation (2021-2027) - is the EU's largest science and innovation funding program with a total budget of over € 90 billion. Participation in the “Horizon Europe” program will allow the use of European instruments of competitive funding and grant support; provide conditions for joint research with EU member states; provide access to the research infrastructure of EU member states and contribute to the development of material and technical base in Ukraine.

Those wishing to participate in “Horizon Europe 2021” should contact the International Relations Department (office 220, building №1).

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