Institute of Economics and Business Education at Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University has started its work on the project “Ukrainian-Polish Youth School of Sustainable Tourism “Travel and Respect!” funded by the Ukrainian-Polish Youth Exchange Council.

The project aims to create a collaborative platform for the free exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge among young people from different regions and countries in the field of sustainable tourism development.

The creation of such youth tourism school will help strengthen intercultural dialogue between Ukraine and Poland, deepen friendly relations, gain knowledge and study Polish experience in tourism, promote proactive public life, spread European values and integrate them into Ukrainian culture.

The project has a socio-economic effect as it encourages young people to develop sustainable tourism community; open wide access to cultural values and information resources.

The implementation of the project will also increase the influence of Ukrainian culture on the world tourism, cultural process and will allow opening new forms and directions of tourist and youth exchange.

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