In January, 24, 2010 year there was academic council in the university where scientific community of higher school was summing up the scientific-research activity of 2010.

Scientific and scientific-technical activity of Uman State pedagogical university named after P. Tychyna in account year was carried out according to “Programme of science and development in the university in 2009 – 2010 years” was orientated on state standards quality achievement of higher qualification scientific-pedagogical staff preparation, scientific ensuring of educational process, scientific schools forming and development, young science’s support, ensuring of innovative model development of education in Ukraine.

Rating results of scientific-pedagogical employees after basic types of scientific activity was analyzed on the meeting. Historical department took the highest rating stage in 2010 year (dean – assistant professor A. O. Karasesevych), chair of Ukraine history (chief of chair, professor T. V. Kuznets) is confessed as the most active in the scientific work.

Organization-functional structure of university scientific activity: 5 scientific-research institutes (Institute of International educational collaboration at the head of O. A. Zabolotna is created in the account year), 3 scientific-research centres of double to the submission of National Academy of Pedagogical Science, National Academy of Science and Ministry of education, science, youth and sport of Ukraine, 20 scientific-research laboratories, 7 regional scientific-methodical centres and 8 scientific schools are operating. The main subjects of scientific-research work in higher school are 36 chairs in composition of that 512 teachers are working, 1 academician of National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, 1 academician of Building Academy of Ukraine, 2 member-correspondent of National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, 76 doctors of science (from them 22 regular) and 210 Ph.D. (Science) – 190 regular, 5 doctorals and 82 postgraduates from them.

University scientific potential are strengthend by each year through activity of postgraduate studies, institute of bread-winners. By the state on January, 1 in 2010 year in university postgraduate studies 82 postgraduates are studying (55 – daily form of studies, 27 – external studies), 22 persons – on the contract base. 49 teachers are studying in other higher schools postgraduates. Dynamic of candidate defences are observed as candidates as doctorals, efficacy of department activity is presented near 58% that exceed twice an index on middle feature of higher pedagogical educational establishments. Improved attestation practice of doctorals and postgraduates by development and introduction of attestation criteria that gave the possibility to make big number of long-term and timely dissertation defences. In 2010 year 25 persons finished studying from them dissertation investigations defenced 4 teachers long-term, 3 persons defenced dissertation investigations timely (24%), 17 persons past the previous listening (68%). For the account period 23 dissertations on the receipt of scientific degree of Ph.D. (Science), 2 – doctors of science were defenced.

In 2010 year steps were done concerning further development of scientific higher school infrastructure. From May, 31 in 2010 year specialized academic council of dissertations defence on the receipt of scientific degree of Ph.D. (Pedagogics) for the speciality 13.00.04 – Theory and teaching methodology of professional education(head – doctor of pedagogical science, professor O. M. Kobernyk) are acting in the university.

According to thematic plan of scientific-research work that financed from money of Ministry of education, science, youth and sport of Ukraine state budget, in 2010 year 8 scientific-research work (3 basic researches and 5 applied researches) were carried out by university scientists on a sum of 340 hundred gryvnas.

During 2010 year university collaboration and its subsections with scientific institutions of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine and leading higher schools, regional and district state administrations were extended.

In 2010 year 1808 publications of different types (in the last year – 1515) were published by university teachers, total amount is 2870 printed pages.

2010 year was characterized by a big number of conducting scientific arrangements of different level: 12 – international, 33 – All-Ukrainian, 47 – regional conferences and seminars.

Students’ scientific community is acting. 237 scientific circles and problem groups are functioning in the university. Students has the possibility to publish own articles and thesis in 23 students university receptacles. For the account period 1187 publications were prepared by students. Talanted university youth are presenting higher school in the contests, Olympiads. In 2010 year in the second round of All-Ukrainian students’ olympiads 35 students took place and win 8 prize places (in the last year – 7).Total number of presented students’ scientific works on the second round of All-Ukrainian contest is 26, 8 got prize places from it (in 2009 – 8).

University is active subject of native and European educational space. In the account year university sign 7 agreements with partnership educational establishments, with abroad scientific institutions: with Administrative Rada of Wisconsin Universities’ system from the name of Wisconsin University in Milwaukee (USA); by Pedagogical academy of postgraduate education in Moscow region; by State higher professional school named after Y. A Komenskyy in Leshno; by “Gotse Delcheva”University city Shtip (Macedonia Republic); by Biology Institute of Uphymskyy scientific centre of Russian Academy of Science; by Higher school “Humanitas” in Sosnovets’ by Higher state school of professional education in Gnezno.

In 2010 year university reports by taking place more than 300 teachers, postgraduates, undergraduates, students in 185 international conferences, forums.