Thanks to the clear and coordinated work of all the structural units of the University, teachers and students of Arts Faculty of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University can participate in various international programs, foundations, summer schools (camps) that provide internships and training opportunities to get a parallel or doubled education abroad.

Students of specialty 014. Secondary education (Fine Arts) successfully pass training at the Jan Długosz Academy every year, Arts Institute at the Department of Painting (Czestochow, Poland).

Studying abroad, young people acquire a thorough professional knowledge, additional knowledge from related fields, expand their outlook in the field of European culture, gain professional experience, and improve Polish and English.

Students of specialty 014. Secondary education. Choreography is actively involved in choreographic shows in China, Turkey, Egypt, Italy and Greece. Arts Faculty invites students to join the European Educational and Cultural Society with them!

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