Thanks to the support of the university management, including the department of international relations, the Polish cultural and educational center and the dean's office of the faculty of Ukrainian philology, Maryna Pavlenko, assistant professor of the department of Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian studies and their teaching methods of the faculty of Ukrainian philology, underwent a scientific internship from May 1 to 31, 2023 at the University of Warsaw at the Faculty of «Artes Liberales», scholarship of the National Agency of National Exchanges (NAWA).

The internship took place under the supervision of professor, doctor of habilitation Hieronim Grali, who has a number of works dedicated, among other things, to the poet Juliusz Slovatsky, whose relations with Ukraine, namely, with Uman.
Maryna Pavlenko already has some intelligence on this topic, but while working during May in the two largest scientific libraries of the Republic of Poland - the library of the University of Warsaw and the National Library, she identified some important materials and interesting additions.
The study of Polish publications confirms the initial research thesis that Ukraine, in particular Uman, left a significant mark on the life and work of Juliusz Slovacky.

In the future, the results of careful processing and analysis of the materials collected during the internship will be implemented in publications in professional publications.
According to Maryna Pavlenko, it was a completely new, very interesting and certainly very useful experience for her.

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