Teachers and students of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University recently participated in a field seminar held as part of the international internship "Soft skills development in teaching professional training".

The internship program is based on the concept of lifelong learning and aims to promote individual and professional development of modern teachers by developing soft / super-professional skills based on the best international innovative practices for professional development.

The internship includes 180 hours (6 ECTS credits) of classroom classes, independent work and a field seminar held in Turkey.

Upon completion of the full internship cycle, all participants received certificates.

The field seminar was held according to the following units:

UNIT 1 - Communication skills

The unit involves the development of the ability to build effective interaction with participants in the educational process at different levels through verbal and nonverbal techniques, taking into account the specifics and interests of the other party to the negotiations.

Questions that were presented for discussion:

- creating a common field of activity for solving educational problems; - conducting presentations and self-presentations; - understanding the contradictions between verbal and nonverbal messages; - public speeches, arguments and beliefs; - use of feedback.

UNIT 2 - Lifelong learning and information management skills

The work in the unit is aimed at the ability to successfully form a strategy for managing their own development in a rapidly changing environment, as well as the ability to effectively carry out self-regulatory learning and search for relevant information from various sources and the ability to effectively manage them.

Questions that were presented for discussion:

- search, critical analysis and synthesis of information; - planning and goal setting; - time management; - skills of creative and strategic thinking; - skills of critical thinking and problem solving.

UNIT 3 - Management skills

The module includes the development of the ability to carry out mentoring and be ready for situational leadership, as well as the development of project thinking using a systematic approach to solve urgent educational problems.

Questions that were presented for discussion:

- theories of leadership, the role of leader and group member; - motivation and teamwork; - delegation of powers; - ability to analyze and make decisions; - management of educational projects.

Field seminar coaches:

Ivan Kulchytskyi - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Certified Coach (ECF); certified mentor in innovative entrepreneurship (CRDF Global USA); expert in strategy development, business process improvement and project management. Owner of "Kulchytskyi Consulting" and project manager of the European Innovation Agency.

Implemented more than 50 international projects; conducted 1000 hours of consultations and trainings; author/co-author of books: "Leader's Guide", "Introduction to Academic Entrepreneurship", etc.

Nelya Lebid - Candidate of Psychological Sciences, trainer and facilitator of international projects and programs. Deputy Director for Research at the Human Institute of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. Has the experience in the field of development, training, coaching since 2007. Internships in the UK, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

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