A number of events were held at the Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University on the basis of the Jan Amos Comenius Polish-Ukrainian Research Laboratory of Psychodidactics, Faculty of Social and Psychological Education (Department of Pedagogy and Educational Management), Faculty of Preschool and Special Education (Department of Child Development Psychology and Pedagogy).Educational and scientific activities: Fifth International scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of modern psychodidactics: philosophical, psychological and pedagogical aspects", Second International scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of gifted personality".

Scientists from not only domestic educational institutions, but also foreign partners from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland joined the online conference.

The First International Scientific and Practical Training "Linguotherapy: Development of Literary Abilities" and the First International Author's Scientific and Practical Training "School of Emotional Intelligence - Pedagogical Stress Resistance" were successfully held within the conferences.

Participants of the training (domestic and foreign researchers and teachers, teachers of general secondary education, practical psychologists, students) had a great opportunity to improve general and professional competencies.

Conference moderator and author-moderator of trainings - Inna Osadchenko, Ph.D., prof. of Department of Pedagogy and Educational Management, prof. of Department of Psychology, Pavlo Tychyna USPU.

The conference programs and training results will soon be available on the Facebook page.

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