The evening of memory of the known Ukrainian authoress, author of numerous poetries, stories, historical novels which became best sellers such as «People’s Catchers» and «In boundless Steppe behind the Ural» by Zinaida Tulub took place in the assembly hall of the building № 3 of Uman State Pedagogical University named after Paulo Tychyna on December 1, 2010.

Literary - musical composition was prepared with the help of Ukrainian literature and Background of Ukraine Department and supported by Dean's office of Ukrainian Language Department. It became striking culmination among a number of actions, dedicated to 120-Zinaida Tulub, such as interregional scientifically methodical seminar «Flight of fancy through space and time: life and creation of Zinaida Tulub», broadcast and thematic issue of science artistic magazine «Bogovicya» of the department.

The special decoration of action was the poetries written by Zinaida Tulub, which were recited by students of Ukrainian Language Department and prepared by professor N.P. Syvachuk, the head of Ukrainian literature and Background of Ukraine Department, and by the teachers of the same department, romances, written by Z.Tulub, were set to music by the teacher of Ukrainian literature and українознавства Department, honoured worker of Arts of Ukraine V.V. Semenchuk, Ukrainian translations of poetries of artist, prepared by the university literary association named after Mykola Bazhan.

The appearances of the known creative collectives, winners of international and all-ukrainian competitions of singing trio «Gonta» and choreographic band «Vis-a-vis» organically intertwined in the artistic outline of the action.