On premises of Foreign Languages Department Art -presentation of the 4-th year students Vadym Burla and Dmytro Shvets took place. Dmytro Shvets, the author of numerous poetry pieces devoted to love theme, issued the patchwork called "Liryka", which was presented at Foreign Languages Department. The above mentioned book contains the bunch of illustrations created by Vadym Burla. They are considered to help the reader understand the depth of all the feelings that the author put in his every poem. Besides, Vadym took occasion to show his own pictures he has been working on for quite a long span. Dmytro and Vadym have been involved in ' creative'. They have never presented their works, though. Such kind of event enabled the audience of the university to observe the best creations of the mentioned authors. The presentation resembled the press conference. All the students and teachers of Foreign Languages Department were invited. The most active members of the audience were our freshmen who put some questions to Vadym and Dmytro. The public were listening to Dmytro's touching poetry and at the end of the presentation they watched Vadym's drawings with a youthful interest and mature sobriety.