Erasmus+ Project, KA-1 (Poland) 

Joint scientific and educational interests as well as mutual relations and existing cooperation with Jan Amos Komenski State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno and Hipolit Cegielski State College of Higher Education in Gniezno led to a new Erasmus + project of credit mobility (International Credit Mobility – KA1).

The purpose of the project and mutual consultations is the experience exchange in the field of new standards of development for education in accordance with the European principles of higher education. All this will facilitate further strengthening of mutual cooperation. It reflects our needs for teaching (STEAM subjects, in particular), studying excellency in the European pace of education reforms.

The Erasmus + project meets the objective reassessment of our University strategic priorities of conceptual development, namely, to improve all aspects of the role of international cooperation in general and international relations. The mobility exchange contributes to the reformation of the university and covers the educational process, organization of scientific research, technology transfer, innovative university development, promotion and harmonization of national higher education system with the European one, qualitative training of competent professionals, creating the conditions to enhance mobility, autonomy expansion of the university departments.


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