Foreign Students Department is created to promote educational services provided for foreign citizens at the university and organization of work connected with studying of foreign citizens and their staying at the University and on the territory of Ukraine.

The work of the department is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • implementation of the University public policy aimed at improvement of  the quality of foreign students’ training;
  • establishment of close ties with embassies and foreign consulates in Ukraine;
  • preparation of information on the provision of educational services to increase the number of foreign students at the University;
  • providing information support to foreign citizens on receiving their invitations to study at the University and issuing visas, conditions for admission and enrollment, recognition and apostilation of education documents, as well as staying in Ukraine;
  • coordination of issues related to the admission and enrollment of foreign citizens for study at the University according to accredited specialties in cooperation with the admission commission and information and computer center;
  • reception of documents, implementation of the enrollment procedure and the organization of foreign citizens training at the preparatory department for foreign citizens and distance short-term courses;
  • coordination of issues related to the training of foreign students at the departments of the University;
  • cooperation with the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Board of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in the Cherkasy region;
  • cooperation with the state
  • enterprises of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine “Ukrainian State Centre of International Education”, “Informational and Image Centre”.

The functions of the department:

  • Maintenance of natural and legal persons of negotiations to attract foreigners to study;
  • Maintain permanent contacts with all partners in international cooperation;
  • Drafting and signing cooperation agreements with agents firms to attract foreigners to study in the University;
  • Implementation of information activities, creation of databases, preparation of brochures, presentations, website maintenance information department;
  • Control over the recruitment and training of foreign citizens in the University within the competence of the department.